Responsible Beverage training (RBS) is a crucial aspect of the alcohol industry, aimed at ensuring that those who serve and sell alcoholic beverages do so in a safe and legal manner. This type of training is important for a number of reasons, including reducing instances of underage drinking, over-consumption, and drunk driving. You can get certified here at ComedySellerServer. We offer a comprehensive and entertaining online training course that will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to serve and sell alcohol in a safe and legal manner. alcohol server

What will you get out of RBS training?

Our course covers all of the key topics included in Responsible Beverage training, such as:

  • checking IDs
  • identifying signs of intoxication
  • dealing with difficult situations
  • proper pouring ratio’s
  • incident logs
  • and much much more

We use engaging and interactive content, including videos and quizzes, to help make the material fun and easy to understand. Not to mention, our entire course was written by real comedians. One of the key benefits of our online training course is the convenience and flexibility it offers. You can complete the course at your own pace, from any device with an internet connection. You can even take the final exam multiple times if needed.

Bartending Certification Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification that is valid for three years. This certification is recognized by many establishments and shows that you have received the training necessary to serve and sell alcohol responsibly. If you work in the alcohol industry, or are looking to enter this field, taking our Responsible Beverage training course is a great investment.

Overall, Responsible Beverage training is a valuable investment for those in the alcohol industry, as it helps to promote the responsible and legal sale and consumption of alcohol. By taking this training, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills Bartending certification necessary to make informed and safe decisions when it comes to serving and selling alcohol.


Responsible Beverage training is not just important for the individuals who serve and sell alcohol, but for the entire community. By reducing instances of underage drinking and over-consumption, we can help create safer and more responsible environments for everyone. To learn more and sign up for our course, visit today.

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