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Cannabis and Alcohol

Cannabis and alcohol are two of the most regulated fields. Both require training, licensing, permits and a great deal of responsibility to sell. So, is it possible that these two may one day be combined? We discuss the rules and regulations on if this is possible....

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Is your state keeping alcohol To-Go post COVID?

Alcohol to-go has been a great convenience for both business and customers. Everyone can benefit from having their beer, wine or liquor delivered with their meal instead os getting them separately. Customers get the ease and business get the extra profit. But, did you...

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Is TABC Certification Required By Law?

If you live in Texas and work in a restaurant, bar, hotel, or any establishment where alcoholic beverages are served, you must have completed your TABC certification. If you hope to work in any such establishment, it’s important to know the Texas alcohol laws. On...

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Who Has To Be ServSafe Certified?

If you work in a restaurant, bar, hotel, convenience store, or gaming establishment in Florida that serves alcohol, then you should know a thing or two about ServSafe certification. Originally developed by the National Restaurant Association, ServSafe is a certificate...

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Florida Responsible Beverage Training

Need your Florida Responsible Beverage Training? Not sure what that is? Let us break it down for you. We give you the run down on who needs this course, why you should take this course, how it can help your work place and how it can keep you safe! We know that is a...

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The science behind adding Comedy to your learning

Why add Comedy to your learning? If you couldn’t tell by the name Comedy Seller Server, our courses are taught with some added comedy to your learning. Besides that fact that we are state certified and competitively prices, we are not your typical online learning...

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Corporate Training with Comedy Seller Server

Need Corporate training? We got you Have a group of people that all need to complete their online training certification? Send them to us! We offer corporate training for groups, small or large. We offer group discounts if you are taking our regular course online OR...

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Online training! Welcome to Comedy Seller Server

Welcome to Comedy Seller Sever, the best place for your online training! If you didn’t get enough information about us from the home page you are in the right place! Get to know everything you want and then some. We are a family owned company who believe in using...

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