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The Dangers of Over-Serving Still Exist

As Bars are Returning to Business, The Dangers of Over-Serving Still Exist Serving people drinks shouldn’t result in you getting served with a lawsuit. In the wake of COVID-19 and nationwide lockdowns, it’s more important than ever that bartenders and owners of...

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The Dangers of Overserving and How to Prevent It

Serving a customer a beer or a glass of wine along with their meal is one of the great freedoms that a restaurant with a liquor license can enjoy. Many restaurants make their money on serving alcohol alongside food, as there is usually a reasonable mark-up on booze....

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5 Easy Steps to Reduce Restaurant Liability

“You’ve been served” is not something you want to hear while you’re serving food at your restaurant. Or alcohol, for that matter. ‘Liability’ means that you’re legally responsible for something. And in this age of a pandemic, all our information living online on the...

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Mitigating Restaurant Serving Risks – What Can You Do?

If you’re in the alcohol industry at all, the chances are that you’ve heard of ‘alcohol awareness training’ or ‘alcohol safe serving.’ Perhaps you own a bar or a restaurant, and you’re looking at ways to reduce your liquor liability risks. Or maybe you’re just looking...

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Cannabis and Alcohol

Cannabis and alcohol are two of the most regulated fields. Both require training, licensing, permits and a great deal of responsibility to sell. So, is it possible that these two may one day be combined? We discuss the rules and regulations on if this is possible....

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Is your state keeping alcohol To-Go post COVID?

Alcohol to-go has been a great convenience for both business and customers. Everyone can benefit from having their beer, wine or liquor delivered with their meal instead os getting them separately. Customers get the ease and business get the extra profit. But, did you...

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Is TABC Certification Required By Law?

If you live in Texas and work in a restaurant, bar, hotel, or any establishment where alcoholic beverages are served, you must have completed your TABC certification. If you hope to work in any such establishment, it’s important to know the Texas alcohol laws. On...

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