Dreaming of being behind the bar or serving up smiles at your favorite restaurant for a career? Or maybe as a fun new side hustle? Well, before you start pouring those drinks, there’s a crucial step you can’t afford to skip – getting your RBS Seller Server Certification. What’s RBS, you ask? It stands for Responsible Beverage Services, and in some states, it’s the golden ticket to New alcohol law legally serving alcohol.

But how do you do this? The process just got a whole lot more entertaining and convenient with Comedy Seller Server – an accredited, state-approved company that’s about to turn your certification journey into a comedy show like no other.

Why Comedy Seller Server?

Picture this: you, at your own pace, completing the mandatory RBS training with a smile on your face. You can stop, go, take a break and pick up where you left off at any time with an online course. Comedy Seller Server is not just any run-of-the-mill certification program; it’s the brainchild of real comedians. Yes, you read that right – you’ll be learning the ropes from the funniest folks in the industry! The course is an all video course, no boring reading.

Forget about boring lectures and tedious seminars. Comedy Seller Server understands that everyone has their own rhythm, so you can say goodbye to rigid schedules. With this course, you decide when and where you want to complete your certification. It’s like a comedy show on-demand – available whenever you’re ready to hit play!

Need to get multiple people certified or maybe you just have a lot of friends? There are also Corporate Classes available. We can teach a class of 100’s all at once AND offer a bulk discount. Contact our office Here to set up a corporate course class.

Accredited State-Approved Excellence Serving Certificate

Worried about the legitimacy of your certification? Fear not! Comedy Seller Server is not only accredited but also state-approved. You can trust that your RBS Seller Server Certification is recognized and respected across the board. It’s not just comedy; it’s the real deal.

The Fun and Educational Way

Who said learning can’t be fun? Comedy Seller Server combines humor with knowledge, making it the most enjoyable and educational way to get your RBS done. Imagine learning about responsible beverage services while being entertained by professional comedians – it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

How to Get Started

Bartending Liability Getting your RBS Seller Server Certification with Comedy Seller Server is a breeze. Simply click here, sign up for the course, and let the comedy begin. The straightforward process ensures you’re on your way to serving up laughter and drinks in no time.

If you’re looking to break into the world of bartending or serving, getting your RBS Seller Server Certification is the first step. And with Comedy Seller Server, it’s not just a step – it’s a leap into a world of comedy, education, and convenience. So, grab your virtual seat, hit play, and let the laughs and knowledge flow – because responsible beverage services just got a whole lot more entertaining! Cheers to your certification journey!