Bartending Certification Bouncers and alcohol and beverage certification (ABC) may not be the first combination you think of when considering the safety of an establishment. But as a bouncer, it is important to understand the laws and regulations surrounding alcohol service in order to ensure the safety and legality of the establishment you are working for. Even if you are not the one serving drinks. In many
states, bouncers are required to obtain an alcohol certification or take a responsible beverage service (RBS) course. This includes California, New York and Florida.

What are the benefits of an ABC course?

There are several reasons for getting an alcohol certification as a bouncer. First and foremost, it helps to ensure that you are aware of the laws and regulations surrounding alcohol service. This can protect both you and the establishment you are working for from potential legal issues. It can also help to prevent incidents of over-serving. One of the most common reasons behind drunk driving and other dangerous situations. Bartending Safe Bouncers

In addition to the legal benefits, an ABC course can help improve the overall customer experience. By understanding the different types of alcohol and how they should be served, you can provide better service to customers and create a more enjoyable atmosphere. This can lead to repeat business and a better reputation for the establishment.

A major part of a bouncers role is to keep an establishment safe. This means making sure no one has become overly intoxicated. If this has happened, as politely as possible, removing them. Another big part of being a bouncer is making sure no one underage gets it. An ABC course goes into extreme details on how to catch a fake I.D.

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How can you get ABC certified?

You can get your alcohol and beverage course done right here! Even better, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Our course is entirely online, go at your own pace AND state certified. Sign up today to get registered and receive your certification instantly.

Overall, getting an alcohol certification is a worthwhile investment for bouncers. It can not only protect you and where you work, but it can also improve the customer experience. If you are a bouncer and have not yet obtained an alcohol certification, don’t wait! Get certified today by just signing up here! 


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