In the state of New York, the sale and service of alcohol is highly regulated. Businesses that sell or serve alcohol are required by law to ensure their employees are properly trained to do serve responsibly. This is where Alcohol Training and Awareness Program (ATAP) comes into play. We will explore the importance of getting alcohol and beverage training in the state of New York and furthermore, how someone can get their ATAP done online through Comedy Seller Server.

Why Is Alcohol and Beverage Training Important?

The importance of alcohol and beverage training in New York cannot be overstated. There are several reasons why it is crucial to get ATAP certified. Here are some of the top reasons why you should complete your ATAP.

  1. Legal Compliance. Businesses that sell or serve alcohol are legally required to ensure their employees are properly trained in responsible alcohol service. In other words, failure to comply with this requirement can lead to fines, legal action, and even the revocation of a business’s liquor license.
  2. Safety. Responsible alcohol service is critical for ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and the general public. Moreover, proper training helps to prevent over-serving, which can lead to impaired driving, accidents, and other dangerous situations.
  3. Liability. In the event that a customer is injured or causes harm to others as a result of alcohol consumption, businesses that have not properly trained their employees can be held liable. In other words, ATAP helps protect everyone.

How to Get ATAP Training Online with Comedy Seller Server:

Comedy Seller Server is an online provider of ATAP training that offers a convenient, easy, and affordable way to get certified. Here’s how to get certified online in just a couple easy steps.

  1. First, register for the Course. To get started, you’ll need to register for the Comedy Seller Server ATAP course. This can be done online, and the course can be completed at your own pace. Click the link HERE  to get started.
  2. Second, complete the Course. The Comedy Seller Server ATAP course covers a range of topics, including responsible alcohol service, New York state laws and regulations, identifying fake IDs, and more. The course is designed to be engaging and informative, and it includes interactive elements like quizzes and games to help you retain what you’ve learned.
  3. Next, pass the Exam. After completing the course, you’ll need to pass a final exam to get your ATAP certification. The exam is multiple-choice and can be taken online. You’ll need to score at least 80% to pass.
  4. Lastly, receive Your Certification! Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll receive your ATAP certification from Comedy Seller Server. This certification is valid for three years, after which you’ll need to renew it.

Get certified today!

Getting ATAP certified through Comedy Seller Server is a great way to ensure legal compliance, safety, and liability protection for businesses that sell or serve alcohol. Overall, the course is convenient, affordable, and informative. All together making it an excellent option for anyone looking to get certified. If you work in the alcohol industry in New York, consider getting your Alcohol Awareness and Training Program through Comedy Seller Server today.