Need Corporate training? We got you

Have a group of people that all need to complete their online training certification? Send them to us! We offer corporate training for groups, small or large. We offer group discounts if you are taking our regular course online OR we offer zoom classes with an instructor.

Have a more personalized experience for your company

Want to have a more personalized experience for your company? We will set up a time and date with our professionally trained comedians to teach a group over zoom. This allows for a much more personable experience. Want to complete your corporate training in person at your place of business? No problem, we can have a comedian come to you. Our professional comedians/teachers are not only knowledgeable and well trained but also, extremely funny and will keep your entire group laughing! (Oh and if you haven’t read our blog on why laughter is important to learning, check it out)

Why is training as a group sometimes better than individually?

  •  There is a science behind learning in a group. According to a study done by Washington University “Decades of research by educational psychologists has shown that when students work together in collaborative teams in classrooms, they learn material better than when they sit alone at their desks.” 
  • Bulk pricing! Cost effective! We provide group discounts when you book a corporate class. 
  • Choose between three options of how you would like the course to be taken! Corporate courses can be done with each individual taking the classes on their own online, or companies may take the course all together via zoom or in person
  • The ability to have an Exclusive corporate account. Meaning if you need courses regularly we can provide quarterly/monthly reporting of certified employees, completion dates; customized for your your organization’s needs! Similarly, we provide your organization with several pre-paid promotional codes. Use them all at once or over time.
  • CUSTOM LEARNING SYSTEM! We can provide a custom designed learning portal with a reporting system for your organization! State of the art and easy to manage.
  • Know you can trust our system! We have been training companies for 30 years, including Fortune 500 companies. Rest assured that you will leave certified and satisfied.

Groups small or large are allowed

All company sizes are welcome! We know running a business is extremely difficult therefor, we want to make certification as easy as possible. Contact our office to start setup! Our office star will assist you in setting up a date and time. This will ensure that your entire company is certified and ready to go! Meaning, less worry and stress for everyone.


We will leave with this last bit about corporate training. The ability to connect with your peers. Above all of these, one of the main benefits of group training is the ability for everyone to connect over what has just been taught. This helps better office relationships. In other words, everyone gets certified, laughs and gets to know each other that much better!

In conclusion, corporate training will help you save money, increase comradery, and increase retention of information! Contact us today to set up your session!

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