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If you didn’t get enough information about us from the home page you are in the right place! Get to know everything you want and then some. We are a family owned company who believe in using humor to educate people with online training. We hire professional comedians to help make our content both education and funny!

How we started in online training

 We started our first course Comedydefensivedriving in 1989 and have educated over 1 million people. Since the creation of our first course, we have branched off into other areas where we believe humor can help. If you have taken an online course before you are probably aware of how much reading is required, and consequently, how boring it is. Online education is now a necessity it todays world and we want to make it fun! You shouldn’t have to force your eyes open while learning. As previously stated, we use professional comedians to help write our course. We also use a professional production, animators, camera crew etc to make our educational content as cool as it possibly can be. This not only helps with keeping our students attention span but, it is also proven to help increase memory.

Why humor? 

With out going into to much detail (we will save that for another blog post), it is scientifically proven that attaching an emotion to an event will help improve retention. Basically, you are more likely to remember something if it provokes an emotion. We are  not being on horror and we hate to see people cry, so we chose to bring some laughter into our teaching. Don’t just take our word for it, here is a brief synopsis of what psychologistworld has to say and the effect of emotions and our memory.

“*Cognitive psychologist Donald MacKay and a team of researchers asked participants to take part in an emotional Stroop test, in which they were presented with different words in quick succession. Each word was printed in a different color, and subjects were asked to name the color. They were also later asked to recall the words after the initial test. MacKay found that taboo words, which were intended to elicit an emotional response, were recalled more frequently than words which carried less emotional connotations (MacKay et al, 2004). The results of MacKay’s experiment, and others with similar outcomes, suggest that an emotive state at the time we perceive and process an observation can positively affect the encoding of information into the short or even long-term memory.”

If we haven’t sold you on our course just yet, here are our top 10 reasons why you should choose comedy seller server.

  1. Humor! As if we haven’t said this one enough, professional comedians helped write, star and direct our courses
  2. Go at your own pace. Stop and start the course as much as you like!
  3. We offer corporate classes! Want to take your course with the whole company? We offer both in person and zoom instructors.
  4. Family owned and operated
  5. State certified
  6. Get your certification same day! We offer instant downloads for those of you in a rush.
  7. Online support! Just in case you are having any kind of trouble we will always have to someone to help!
  8. Competitive pricing! We offer some of the lowest prices for online training
  9. Easy to navigate test and quizzes
  10. Education! Although we pride ourselves on teaching with humor, first and foremost we are hear to teach!

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