If you work in a restaurant, bar, hotel, convenience store, or gaming establishment in Florida that serves alcohol, then you should know a thing or two about ServSafe certification.

Originally developed by the National Restaurant Association, ServSafe is a certificate program that helps educate food service workers about food safety. It covers different aspects of operating a restaurant safely. ServSafe Alcohol, which is one of the four certificates, specifically focuses on serving alcohol safely.

Who Needs To Be Certified?

Everyone involved in serving alcohol in Florida is expected to be ServSafe certified. From the managers of the establishments to the bartenders or servers, everyone must take alcohol training courses.

Operators of these establishments can always refer to the qualification checklist of the RVP to know if they are in compliance with the law.

5 Important Benefits of Getting ServSafe Certified

Alcohol certification courses give managers and staff of alcohol-serving establishments the right tools to serve their customers responsibly. The Responsible Vendor Program in Florida offers many benefits to qualified establishments and their staff. The most important benefits include:

  1. Protects an Establishment from Fines and Revocations
  2. One of the biggest benefits of being part of the Responsible Vendor Program in Florida is the protection it offers your establishment. Once an establishment is compliant, it gains protection against fines, suspensions, and license revocations.

  3. Equips Managers and Staff with Knowledge of Laws and Responsibilities
  4. Managers and other employees need to know the laws about selling and serving alcohol. These laws are made to keep society safer.

  5. Makes the Establishment a Safer Place
  6. Intoxicated customers can constitute a nuisance and endanger the lives of others in your restaurant, bar, hotel, or any other establishment where alcohol is served. With well-trained staff, you can prevent people from getting overly intoxicated in the first place by knowing what to look out for and refusing a sale when necessary.

  7. Makes Workers More Employable
  8. Being ServSafe certified gives you a competitive advantage when looking for jobs in establishments that serve alcohol. Employers are always happy to get applicants who are already certified. The certification opens doors to opportunities that your experience level alone cannot.

  9. Helps to Keep Drivers from Becoming Intoxicated
  10. ServSafe certified managers and employees of alcohol-serving establishments can help make our roads safer. You will have what it takes to keep drivers from getting intoxicated. You will make your establishment and society a better place with the knowledge you will get from the training.

If you are already employed or plan to work at a place that serves alcohol, this is a good time to take the training and get ServSafe certification. Click your state to register today!

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