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As Bars are Returning to Business, The Dangers of Over-Serving Still Exist

Serving people drinks shouldn’t result in you getting served with a lawsuit. In the wake of COVID-19 and nationwide lockdowns, it’s more important than ever that bartenders and owners of liquor-related establishments are aware of the risks for over-serving

Protect your business from the legal liability of over-serving by understanding how the drinking scene has changed for alcohol establishments in a post-pandemic America. 

The Challenges Of Social Distancing 

A safe serve alcohol program such as that offered by Comedy Seller Server educates staff in the appropriate manner for serving alcohol.

Everything from ‘how to tell if a customer is intoxicated’ to ‘how to check for fake IDs’ is covered in a safe serve course.

The risks for over-serving are much greater when a client is wearing a facemask. It’s harder to tell if they’re intoxicated, and it can be harder to tell their age too. 

Social distancing also now means that bartenders and servers serving alcohol to tables far apart are less likely to spot customers behaving in a rowdy manner. 

Considering that places such as your neighborhood bar have been at the mercy of COVID-19 legislation, business owners have the temptation to jump back into the swing of things without taking the necessary precautions. 

Tiptoeing around the law can have unfortunate consequences, making the risks for over-serving greater than ever. 

The Challenges of Facing Legal Prosecution

Out of a crisis comes opportunity – for some. None more so than the legal eagles that are lining up like vultures on internet listing services asking for you to let them know if you’ve been a ‘victim’ of being overserved. 

Protect your business from the legal liability of over-serving by being safe serve certified. For a while, you’re busy welcoming guests with a smile behind a facemask and seating customers at a safe distance apart – doing your best to keep staff employed, customers happy, and the lights on – lawyers are still as ruthless as ever.

The letter of the law with regards to dram shop legislation means that the onus is still on you as the business owner to be safe serve certified.

Choosing Comedy Seller Server

Bartending Certification

Comedy Seller Server takes the job of reducing your restaurant’s liquor liability seriously. We are adapting to the times by training people that take our safe serving certification to spot over-indulgence and underage drinking – even with a facemask. 

Serving cocktail snacks is one simple way of monitoring a table’s consumption of alcohol, generating extra income, and observing what is going on behind the mask. And while the risks for over-serving are indeed serious, learning how to reduce them needn’t be.

We approach our safe serving training in the most light-hearted way you can. We want your staff to be not only educated but streetwise too. So we educate by including entertainment. This allows for the message to sink in, resulting in responsible staff that can take the initiative when it comes to the gray area of serving a customer one too many drinks. 

“Safety first” are the buzzwords here. Let’s keep our customers safe, let’s keep our staff safe, and let’s keep our venues safe too. The way to achieve all three is through safe serving certification with Comedy Seller Server. For more information about our certification, contact us today.