Do you serve alcohol in the state of California? Or do you own a bar, restaurant or venue that serves alcohol? Then you are probably curious to know if need to be certified. California law is requiring that everyone who serves or works at an establishment with alcohol MUST BE CERTIFIED by SEPTEMBER 31, 2022. So, do yo have to become certified to serve alcohol in California. Yes! We explain what this may mean for you and how to become certified.

California legally requires alcohol and beverage certification

In 2017 the state created the Passage of Assembly Bill 1221. This created the Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBS). RBS was put in place to make sure that anyone working in the alcohol industry has been properly educated. Research has shown that servers/managers/bartenders/etc that have taken an educational course on safe alcohol service greatly reduce the risk of alcohol related incidents. An RBS course will teach those in the industry:

Certified to sell alcohol


  • how to spot a fake I.D.
  • how to know if someone is overly intoxicated
  • the symptoms of alcohol poisoning
  • knowing your rights of refusing anyone service
  • B.A.C. levels
  • alcohol abuse
  • much much much more!

When do I have to be certified by?

Beginning July 1, 2022 you must have a valid RBS certification within 60 calendar days of employment. What does this mean? If you are already a working in the service industry you have until September 31 to become certified. If you become employed anytime after July 1st, you will have exactly 60 days to receive your certification. In short, just get certified and get it out of the way.

However, what if you don’t get certified in time? Anyone working with out an RBS certification will be in violation of the ABC (alcohol and beverage commission of California). This can result in fines and possibly the work establishment to lose its liquor license. Even worse, establishments that do not have their servers trained can be held responsible for any alcohol related incidents that a costumer may cause.

Serve alcohol in California Finally, how do I get RBS certified?

You can get your RBS certification right here! We are an official accredited RBS provider. You can take your calls completely online and at your own pace. OR take the course with your colleagues for a group discount. is the only all video course that will get you certified. Our course is taught by real comedians! Sounds weird, we know. But, we discovered that when you add comedy to education people are over 35% more like to remember what they learned. So why not add it into our course. Once you have completed your course online you receive your certification instantly!

In summary, do you have to be certified to serve alcohol in California ? The answer is yes! The state is making it a legal requirement to become certified. We love alcohol and were sure you do too. Therefore the state wants to make it fun and safe for everyone. That is what an RBS training will teach you. Don’t wait to long and don’t get caught with a fine from the ABC. Register today to get your RBS training complete.