Do you have to take the new California RBS Certification test? Worried you may not pass? It’s easy to get tripped up, even if you’ve worked in the service industry for years. Let us help by showing you some commonly missed questions followed by an explanation as to why.

RBS Certification Test Questions that may trip you up

  • Question: Giving alcohol to a person under 21 years of age is classified as a(n)…

    • Answer:  If you followed along on your training you know the answer to this question is a MISDEMEANOR. The reason many people trip this up is because it is also a violation. Along with that, serving minors can create serious issues that could potentially lead to a felony.
  • Question: Which type of ID is acceptable without containing a physical description of the holder?

    • Answer: We know you are familiar with the standard state ID, but what about all the other forms? Step one in this question is to make sure the ID someone is handling you is a legally acceptable ID. For example, a university ID should never be accepted. Currently the only ID accepted with out a physical description is a military ID. All other forms that do not include a physical description CAN NOT be accepted.
  • Question: What is the best way to sober up an intoxicated person?

    • Answer: This is a tricky question because there are so many old wives tales out there. We have all heard that a cup of coffee or even a burger will help sober you up. While this may make you feel a bit better, it does not speed up the process of alcohol leaving the body. The answer to this question is TIME. Time is the only thing that will sober up an intoxicated person.
  • Question: What technique is best for determining the validity of an ID?

    • Answer: Another tricky question. There are many ways to determine if an ID is real. If you have taken your RBS course you will recall the FLAG system for checking ID’s. Flag stands for: Feel, Look, Ask, and Give Back. In this particular question, the key part is Feel. The California ABC identifies scratching the surface of the ID with your finger nail as the most effective way to determine if an ID is real. This should be your first move when checking identification.
  • Question: How should a server refuse alcohol service to a patron?

    • Answer: One more trick question. There are many ways to do this properly. The ABC deems refusing service QUIETLY to be the most important tactic. Friendly reminder that this is just step 1. If a patron still refuses remember you as the server are in charge. Be polite but assertive in letting customers know that they have reached their alcohol limit.
  • Question: Whose duty is it to ensure that policies are created to guide employees of an alcohol establishment in the service of alcoholic beverages?

    • Answer: While every should do their part to make sure a policies are created that benefit everyone involved, the sole responsibility of this task falls on the owner/licensee.
  • Question: An alcohol server must complete an ABC approved RBS training program and pass an ABC Bartending certification administered exam within ____ calendar days of employment.

    • Answer: If you read our past blogs you know the answer to this question! Servers have 60 days to complete their ABC RBS approved training! Don’t hesitate to do this. It is now required by California law.

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